The Michael Gahagan Transplant Community Scholarship

December 18, 2021

To our cherished friends in the Transplant Community,

When Emily’s Gift Scholarship was originally founded, we intended to give academic scholarships to members of the Transplant Community who are organ transplant recipients, living donors, or members of donor families. Unfortunately, we’ve struggled over the years to get undergraduate students to apply for this scholarship; some years, no students applied at all.

Despite our board members’ repeated best efforts to raise awareness and encourage applicants, we recognize the need for change. In 2022, we will be establishing an alliance with Donate Life Maryland, an organization that has better connections to the community that we had intended to serve.

Donate Life Maryland will assume the administration of future transplant-related scholarships, awarding two scholarships annually–The Emily Biondi Transplant Community Scholarship and The Michael Gahagan Transplant Community Scholarship.

Please check this page throughout 2022. As we iron out the specific details of this arrangement, we’ll be sharing updates on the progress here. Eventually, this page will link to application information on the Donate Life Maryland web site.

Norm Biondi
President and Co-Founder
Emily’s Gift Scholarship